Tablecloth Database

Looking for more information about a tablecloth on my tabletop? Here are the tablescapes arranged by theme. I've listed the name of the tablecloth manufacturer (if known) under the thumbnail. Pattern names in quotations are names given by the maker. Other names were created by me for descriptive purposes within my collection. The manufacturer's pattern name appears before the name of the company to accomodate the way that inlinkz handles quotation marks. It took me a while to get used to this method, but the format does help the pattern name to stand out in comparison to the descriptive names I've created.

I've collected these "official" names from paper tablecloth labels, reference books, collector friends and internet resources. These on-line resources include the Tablecloth Database at The Little Round Table, the Tagged Archive at The Vintage Table and for sale listings of tagged cloths on sites such as ebay and etsy.

The thematic groups here help me to keep track of my collection, and I hope they will be helpful to you, too. Just click on the thubmnail to see the blog post that uses the textile. Any additional information I have about the table linen, including the designer, will be in the post.

If you have information about a cloth, please let me know by making a comment. Updated August 2013


  1. Oh my, it's Christmas on Tabletop Time!
    It's looking wonderful Daphne.


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  4. Hi Daphne,

    This is an incredible blog! You have so many gorgeous designs. Do you ever sell your items? I am specifically interested in the leaf napkin rings featured in your Calendar Cloth post.

    Thank you,